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Welcome to Corrio Messaging - new name, same service.

The Voice Freedom Calls name has been around for a while but we're ready for a change.

In 2018, we relaunched our business under the name Corrio as a Social Purpose Corporation.
The website is being renamed first and in the near future, our phone system will follow the same branding. But we are the same people that have always been running the business and our goals are the same - improving the lives of inmates and their families in ways that have positive effects on them and on society.
We believe that the criminal justice system in the United States could be better. In particular, there should be more focus on rehabilitation and more support for individuals who enter and who leave the system. We develop products that help maintain connections between those incarcerated and the communities they come from and will return to.
Besides the name change, this website makes ordering service more efficient. When purchasing a number, the inmate's personal phone number is available within seconds and the same when adding credit to an existing account.
Take a look around our site to learn more about us and where we're heading. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us,
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