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Why Corrio and the problem Corrio Messaging seeks to solve

More than two million adults in the US are incarcerated in federal and state prisons, county jails and detention centers. Half of all prisoners lose touch with their friends and family while in prison. This is not only bad for their mental health but it can devastating for their families (especially those with children) and friendships. The problem is fundamental inasmuch as prisoners are generally at odds with the daily schedules of their families and friends which makes staying in touch really difficult. Moreover, family and friends can't even call an inmate, never mind leave messages. And technical restrictions make it impossible for inmates to access outsider voicemail. Our service means that they can exchange voicemails and text messages with their families and friends in both directions, drastically reducing the amount of worrying and stress on both sides. As a result, ties with families and friends are strengthened and the prisoner has stronger family and social ties when they are released and are much less likely to reoffend.
Corrio Messaging, our launch service, is a voicemail, text and email messaging system for inmates, their families and friends. Each inmate is given their own phone number to call to get voice and text messages from family and friends. In the future, needed services such as money transfer and mental health/crisis counseling will be added not only as a compliment to Corrio Messaging but to take full advantage of the communications platform Corrio Messaging is built upon.
Corrio Messaging effectively eliminates frustration and stress of schedule conflicts caused by the differences in real-life schedules of inmates and their families and friends but retains the personal and intimate nature of a phone call. This is especially important for children with incarcerated parents.
Corrio Messaging does not replace or interfere with existing inmate telephone system (ITS) infrastructure but rather, works in conjunction with it and like any call from a prison or jail, is carried on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). All existing inmate telephone system (ITS) security protocols and recording are untouched and in fact, are enhanced by reports specifically designed by Corrio to give corrections officials and jail administrators surveillance measures beyond call recording and throughout the national Corrio Messaging network. Moreover, the Corrio Messaging system has numerous built-in safety and security restrictions and options designed to prevent misuse of the system.
Corrio Messaging is now available across the United States. we're getting great feedback from customers and their friends and families about the difference we’re making to their lives. Corrio Messaging is one hundred percent cloud based and as such is highly scalable -- a truly modern solution to an old, costly and worsening problem of isolation and hopelessness in prison.

Partners and affiliations

Organizations we support

Corrio, SPC (formerly the Voice Freedom Calls project) is a for-profit social venture, incorporated as a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation in 2017. The idea and development began years earlier when one of our founders was incarcerated and wanted a way for his family (especially his children) and friends to leave and receive voice messages. Corrio’s technology is patent pending.